Friday, 29 October 2010


Hi everyone,well didn,t they do a brilliant job!!!,I am of course talking about Robert and Gordon,on create and craft today,How fantastic is it to see them both showing off their own products for a change.Well done guys enjoyed the show very much even mum in law (none crafter) was enthralled by the demo,s and wondered about using the stay put mat for cake decorating or making chocolates and truffles on it etc,maybe  I need to get another to try it out.
Next up on create and craft will be Jean alongside Gordon I think, she will be showing us some lovely cutsie stamps and some beautifully detailed die,s.I know these products are right up Jeans street,so were in for a treat in the samples/demonstrations that she shows.
Were all playing with them ,so there will be a lovely mix of styles on show for you.The show is due live on 9th november,as yet I have no time details,will update as soon as is confirmed.
   Thats all for now hugs michelle.

PS hope this font is better,have had a little play,thanks for the comments,keep them coming.

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  1. Great show boys enjoyed watching you, see you soon hugs Karen x