Friday, 26 November 2010

Busy Week

Hi everyone,

Sorry no-one been on recently but all been very busy. I was away last weekend as was Rob and Gordon, Di had a workshop on Wednesday and Karen has been ill this week, then Michelle called today and she to is ill. The internet has gone crazy and the phone has not stopped ringing. I now have a couple of days off and really ready for the rest. Not complaining but everything seems to come at once. Is something happening in the near future?

Jean x

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The ladies enjoyed learning how to stamp on acetate, once they got the hang of it there was no stopping them. Yet again there was glitter everywhere but that did not stop us.


Some of the ladies samples the image does not do them justice as it did not show the effects of the glitter.

Two lovely cards with different effects.

Well that will be the tast stamping class for this year but watch this space as they will resume after the new year stamping on shrink plastic. Thank you for your support as it has been a huge success
Hugs Karen xx

Di`s workshop update

Hi Folks,

Just to let you know that there are now only a couple of places left for this workshop, If you would like to join in please ring the us at the shop.

Here is a piccie of a lovely christmas cracker using the technique in this workshop. Hugs Karen x


Jean's back

Hi everyone

Not been on for a while had problems with my desktop, now got a new laptop(early Christmas pressy) so thought I would give it a go to post and Hey here I am.
Just want to say thanks for all the comments following our TV show last Thursday, had a great time even though we were dropped in it to using the Scor Buddy which neither Gordon or myself have had much practice with.
Thanks to everyone for ordering the dies and stamps, which I am sure you will have great fun with, it made for a very successful show.

Jean x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wedensday stamping workshop.

We had a great workshop on Wedensday stamping on acetate.
The ladies soon got to grips with this technique and also using heat resist acetate so they could emboss their stamped images.
There was plenty of glitter going everywhere so they all went home very sparkly.
The first two piccies are the finished results of different ways to add colour and dimensions to the images.

At one stage it went very quiet as they were concentrating using as they were painting the images.

Some of the finished cards.

Will be back with Saturdays workshop

Hugs Karen xxx

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Here we are all ship shape and ready to go. 

Michelle doing a bit of restocking 

All ready for the off.

Michelle with her feet up doing her nails, now how did she find the time!! only kidding. it was before the show had started.

Hugs Karen xx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Back from NEC

Hi all,

Well back from a very busy show never seen so many people. It was hard but enjoyable and had a well deserved rest day yesterday.
It was lovely to meet you all, old and new not that I can remember any names as it all became a blurr.

Robert, Jean and Di all held the fort back at the shop busy getting ready for the C&C show on Thursday morning.
Will look forward to the stamping workshop on Wedensday which is now full but there is one place on Saturday but not sure best to ring first.
Well must go for now, hope to see and hear from you all soon,

Hugs Karen xxx

Busy four days at the NEC

A very busy four days at the NEC, Michelle and Karen will no doubt bring you up to speed on that when they have had time to recover. Robert, Jean and my self stayed at home and kept things ticking over at the shop. we have been very busy getting stock ready for the next show on Thursday 11th, at 9am on freeview 36.

There are four more work shops before Christmas, Karens is this Wednesday (full) and Saturday 13th, there my be one space left, but please check. The next work shop is titled "caught in crystal", which involves the use of transparency film, alcohol inks, glue, silver and gold leaf, silk fibers and any thing else that comes to hand. we will also be using shrink plastic, stamp board and tiny tins. there are three places left for the 24th of November and we are still taking bookings for the 27th. all courses commence at 11am and finish approx 1-30 ish, but the finish time tends to be flexable. (traslated means we hang around and talk a lot afterwards!!)

look forward to seeing you in the shop.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

All my own work

hi, di here, and I did it all on my own, though i did give up trying last night!! Busy week ahead, NEC this week then Jean tempting us on creat and craft next week (I think) The new large die's have arrived and they are great--- in more ways than one. we have been busy sending out the pre-orders so let's have your views on them.
Michelle and Karen will be at the NEC whilst Jean Robert and my self will be keeping the home fires burning at the shop.
I think we are all looking forward to a less frenetic time, as the NEC is the last of the shops shows, but then theres Christmas!!!