Friday, 6 August 2010


HELLO well i am finally here,had a bit of bother on the old 'puter,as it don,t like me much,but am in now ha ha.well what shall we tell you about today then ?shall it be about the rather glamourous tv and show appearences,or the more mundane stuff. mundane it is then.
Have any of you thought about how much work the companie,s have to do just for one or two hours on the telly? well i hadn,t til now. Today jean,karen and i spent a whole day at the shop packing for the next show,think there will be another three days doing more of the same ready for the tv next week.Sorry girls am off to the caravan with the kids on monday so enjoy!!!ha ha .
I will let karen tell you about the glam bit as she,s doing the next show.
well back to my fave bit, off to create stuff now ready for karen to share with you all,cheers see you soon michelle&bob the dog

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