Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Well Done Karen

Didn,t she do well? Karen,the bug lady,shall now be known as the bosom buddy! That Naughty Nigel stamping her on her bazookas!!! so funny,you got to watch c&c to see what I
.Karen it looked really good fun.I am so jealous ,you always get the lovely Nigel,so not fair.
PS can you post photos of the cards as we've not seen them on here and they look brilliant.
Great news that Gordon,s back home,such a relief for all of us,a miracle maybe.Dropped Harry off on sunday and took Bobby along for a quick cuddle too.Hope the three of them take care of each other and will soon pop in the shop.Girls it sounds like you are all working beyond the call of duty,can,t wait to call in and have a natter.
Design team is a bit quiet at mo so am taking time out doing all those half finished projects that we all collect,
anyway ttfn hugs michelle&bob the dog xxx

1 comment:

  1. I think she was keeping aBREAST of the situation.
    Love ya Karen boobs n all.
    Rob xxx