Saturday, 4 December 2010

time to craft!!

Hi Di here.

As you may know, the girl team have been unable to get into work, so i think most (if not all ) are crafting away with a clear conscience. I have been been touch with the "boys" and i think harry is probably enjoying the weather out of us all. two weeks of winter nights and one day of snow is as much as i can stand, but hay ho cant do any thing about it. the neighbours have all been out "road" clearing where i live, two and a half miles from the nearest shop, so need to fight our way out even if it's only to keep the cats fed!
I would post photo's of our snow, (if only i knew how) over the knee and still falling thats the snow not me!!.
I have taken photo's of my craft day and will get some help in posting them as soon as i get back to work.
The saturday class was cancelled due to the weather. we will be arranging further classes for the spring

cheers to all

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